History of Homenetmen

Homenetmen is a non-profit organisation, which was founded in 1918 in Constantinople by Shavarsh Krisian, Hovhannes Hintliyan, and Krikor Hagopian (pictured above). The name Homenetmen in Armenian is an acronym for Armenian Physical Cultural and Scouting General Union.

Since 1918 the main purpose of Homenetmen has been to provide the Armenian youth with a moral, physical and psychological education outside a school environment, furthermore the organization teaches members the richness of Armenian culture and heritage.

After its establishment in 1918 four more chapters were soon opened in various sections of Constantinople. The rapid progresses of the organization ultimately lead to the creation of general by-laws and a constitution, which are still enforced today throughout all Homenetmen chapters globally.

In 1920 the founding members of Homenetmen were officially invited to the independent Republic of Armenia to share both their knowledge and expertise with interested parties hoping to establish Homenetmen chapters in the newly free republic. Unfortunately the changing political climate in the region deteriorated the opportunity to establish chapters in Armenia. The change had a detrimental effect on the organization an by 1922 the chapters of Homenetmen in Constantinople were forced to become inactive and the organisations leaders dispersed throughout the world.

These leaders would ultimately revive the organization by establishing various Homenetmen chapters throughout the world beginning in Beirut, Lebanon in 1924 and Aleppo Syria in 1925.

In Australia the organisations development began in the mid 1960’s with the establishment of two Homenetmen chapters; Sydney (Antranig) in 1965 and Melbourne (Arax) in 1966.Over the years the Homenetmen organization a flourished in Australia and currently has four chapters in Sydney; Antranig, Ararat, Navasart and Gamk. In addition to one chapter in Melbourne; Arax.

Today Homenetmen is a world-wide organization with over 25,000 members on five continents. These Homenetmen chapters are governed by a Central Executive Committee, which is made of representatives from the major continents. Each global region conducts its own annual sporting tournament called the Navasartian Games as well as various scouting jamborees. Every four years the Central Executive Committee conduct a global scouting jamboree in addition to the Pan-Homenetmen Games where regions throughout the world compete in various sporting disciplines.

The Homenetmen experience is one of lasting association. The organization promotes a sense of fraternity and humanitarianism, which extends far beyond mere camaraderie and compassion. The Homenetmen motto “Elevate Yourself and Others With You” is a poignant reminder of the organisations purpose and goals.